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Vacuum Dielectric Insulating Oil Purifier

Country China China
Category : Filters and Machinery
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Quantity : 100 sets
Packaging : wooden case
Price : 3000
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Status: Active
VTP Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier is mainly used for power plants, substations, power industry, railway, metallurgical and other electric equipment, It mainly removes gas, impurities, water from transformer oil, circuit breaker oil, switch oil, cable oil and other insulating oils. VTP Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier can improve the breakdown voltage quickly after treatment, which is ideal maintaining equipment for high voltage transformers. The characteristics of Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier as following: 1. The main core system is the vacuum evaporation system, which is complicated by the multiple components concentrated in an absolutely sealed container to form a complete vacuum system. The main components of the vacuum system includes a pumping chamber, deputy pumping room, oil chamber, atomizer, air chamber, oil film diffusion chamber, oil atomizer, Pall ring, infrared, observation window and level gauge composition. 2. Control system: design of the control interlock protection device, over-voltage alarm shutdown protection, phase sequence protection to ensure a reliable long-term operation of the machine. Automatic pressure alarm shutdown system, automatic overload protection system, automatic constant temperature system, infrared defoaming system, automatic anti-spray protection and mother advanced technologies for safe operation. 3. Filtration system: High precision filter elements with encryption filtering technology, the amount of pollutants received large. 4. Heating system: safe and reliable carbon fiber heater to ensure uniform heating fast, oil temperature stability. 5. Efficient vacuum system: efficient deaerator, dehydration system, the use of advanced spiral atomization device, three-dimensional separation tower, flash evaporation technology, the formation of parabolic oil in the evaporation tank operation, can quickly remove oil moisture and harmful gases. 6. Vacuum Insulating Oil Purifier adopts advanced design, high degree of automation, compact size, light weight, flexible and convenient mobile. Company: Acore Filtration Co.,Ltd Website: Email:, Tel: +86 23 8132 4618 Whatsapp & Mobile: +86 13206063693 Skype: acorefiltration

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