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Brazil - Country Profile

Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and the world's ninth largest economy. Already a global power in agriculture and natural resources, the country has also become an oil superpower, with massive recent oil discoveries. So far Brazil has been relatively sheltered from the economic crisis, due to a global boom in commodities prices. The countryís main exports are agricultural products and allied sectors like forestry, logging and fishing. Read more about Brazilís agriculture economy at the Brazil Briefing Room from the US Department of Agriculture. And keep an eye on news from Brazil at to see how the economy weathers the recession. Besides the agricultural sector, mining, manufacturing and services are Brazilís other economic drivers. Major exported products include oil, steelmaking materials, semi-finished iron and steel products, industrial organic chemicals, aircrafts, engine parts, footwear & textile, electrical equipments. Find more statistics on the website of the Brazil Statistics Office (in Portuguese). Foreign investors mostly look at cities where there are high concentrations of industry and technology industries, such as S„o Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Porto Alegre. Brazilís main imports include fuel, energy and capital goods. It also imports computer accessories, civilian aircraft parts & engines, organic chemicals, oil field drilling equipment, plastics, semi-conductors, chemical fertilizers, and pharmaceutical preparations. For comprehensive information about trade with and investment in the country, visit Brazil Trade Net , the trade promotion portal of Brazilís Ministry of External Relations.

Economic Statistics
Exports : $159.2 billion f.o.b. (2007 est.)
Commodities :
transport equipment, iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, autos
US 17.8%, Argentina 8.5%, China 6.1%, Netherlands 4.2%, Germany 4.1% (2006)
Imports $115.6 billion f.o.b. (2007 est.)
Commodities :
machinery, electrical and transport equipment, chemical products, oil, automotive parts, electronics
Partners :
US 16.2%, Argentina 8.8%, China 8.7%, Germany 7.1%, Nigeria 4.3%, Japan 4.2% (2006)